Lending Policies

All items may be checked out for two weeks and renewed once.

You may renew items by phone.

PERMANENT card holders may check out twelve items at one time, TEMPORARY card holders may check out five items.

The Cordova Public Library is no longer charging overdue fines.  We would still like people to bring back library materials when they are due, but late fees will not be charged.  We now have a “Feelin’ Fine” box for monetary donations, to help you feel better if your books are late, or if you just feel generous that day.  Lost or damaged books will still need to be paid for.

Checkout will be denied on any card that shows a $10.00 or more charge for lost or damaged books until the fine is paid.

Items may be reserved. When a reserved item comes in, the library will notify the patron and will hold the item for 5 working days. If the patron has not claimed the reserved item, or the library was unable to reach the patron on the reserve list after 5 days, the next patron on the reserve list will be notified, or the item will be returned to the shelves for checkout.

Interlibrary loan items can be checked out for two weeks, and renewed once unless otherwise specified by the lending library. If an interlibrary loan item is needed for more than four weeks, special arrangements may be made.

Interlibrary loan items will be held 10 days. Any interlibrary loan item not claimed after 10 days will be sent back to the lending library.

Items cannot be transferred from one patron card to another over the phone. The item must be checked in and the patron who wants the item must check it out on his or her card.