How to Get a Library Card

Ask at the front desk for an application card, or fill out the new member form and submit by email.

New Member Form 

We offer two kinds of library cards:

Temporary – If you have not lived in Cordova for one year, we ask you pay a $20 deposit that is refundable. One deposit covers an entire family. Temporary cardholders may have 5 items checked out.

Permanent – If you have lived in Cordova and have active mail service with the Post Office for at least one year; OR if you have had a deposit with the Cordova Public Library for one year; OR if you are Coast Guard personnel; Or if you are a seasonal patron who has shown dependability of library use for 3 years. You are eligible for a permanent card, no deposit is required. Permanent cardholders may have up to 12 items checked out.

To apply: Fill out a new member form.

For more information, see our lending policies.

Temporary Card Information

Temporary card holders are required to:

  • Pay a $20.00 deposit; give a local mailing address; email address, phone number (if available); physical address (if available); permanent address; show driver’s license OR another photo ID.
  • Deposits must be paid at the library front desk before items can be checked out. The library does not take credit cards. Cash only.
  • Temporary Card Holders may participate in the Interlibrary Loan Program.

This deposit can be refunded at any time throughout the year at which time the patron will be removed from the Library system; providing library materials have been returned and any missing or damaged items are paid for.  Patrons in good standing after 1 year can claim their deposit and obtain a permeant library card.

After two years, unclaimed deposits are considered a donation to the Friends of the Library. 

(Donations are used to purchase supplies and books for children’s programing like Art and Summer reading as well as adult programming like Sunday movies and Senior books!)

Permanent Card Information

A patron will be issued a permanent card if they:

  • Have lived in Cordova/Prince William Sound area and have active mail service with the Cordova Post Office for at least one year; OR
  • Have had a deposit with the Cordova Library for one year; OR
  • Are a member of the United States Coast Guard; OR
  • Have been a seasonal patron who has shown dependability of library use for 3 years.


Permanent Card Holders are required to:


  • Provide a local mailing address;
  • Provide an email address;
  • Provide a phone number (if available);
  • Provide a physical address; and
  • Provide a permanent address if different than other addresses.


Permanent Card Holders are eligible to use the Interlibrary Loan Service.

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