Regional Citizens' Advisory Council

The Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council is an independent non-profit corporation guided by its mission: citizens promoting environmentally safe operation of the Alyeska Pipeline marine terminal in Valdez and the oil tankers that use it.

The council is a voice for the people and groups with the most to lose from another catastrophic crude oil spill in Prince William Sound. The council’s 18 member organizations include representatives from communities, aquaculture, commercial fishing, environmental, Alaska Native, recreation, and tourism groups. They include communities and interest groups in a region stretching from the sound itself to Kodiak Island to lower Cook Inlet—all areas that were touched by oil from the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Anchorage office:
Toll free: 800.478.7221

Valdez office:
Toll free: 877.478.7221

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