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Alaska Resources Library and Information Services provides universal access to natural and cultural resources information. The library staff and ARLIS’s federal, state, university, and future partners recognize that improved understanding of Alaska’s resources facilitates wise development, conservation and management. ARLIS serves the diverse information needs of its customers in an unbiased and effective manner.

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Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council

The Trustee Council was formed to oversee restoration of the injured ecosystem through the use of the $900 million civil settlement. The Council consists of three state and three federal trustees (or their designees). The Council is advised by members of the public and by members of the scientific community.

Trustee Council meetings are open to the public. Information about upcoming meetings

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Address: 4230 University Drive, Ste. 220 | Anchorage, AK 99508-4650 | Phone: (907) 278-8012 | Fax: (907) 276-7178 | Toll-Free: (800) 478-7745 | Office Hours: Mon through Fri, 8am-4:30pm

Project Jukebox

Project Jukebox is the digital branch of the Oral History Program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Project Jukebox was originally developed using Hypercard in 1988, with initial support from Apple Computer's Apple Library of Tomorrow program, and is a way to integrate oral history recordings with associated photographs, maps, and text. We have over 50 projects from throughout Alaska, each specific to a topic or an area and we are constantly creating more. We eventually hope to make all the recordings in our oral history collection digitally available. Permission and ethical issues about making people's recordings so widely accessible have slowed the process of putting more projects online.

Project Jukebox Elmer E. Rasmuson Library 310 Tanana Loop PO Box 756808 Fairbanks, AK 99775-6808 907-474-6672

Regional Citizens' Advisory Council

The Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council is an independent non-profit corporation guided by its mission: citizens promoting environmentally safe operation of the Alyeska Pipeline marine terminal in Valdez and the oil tankers that use it.

The council is a voice for the people and groups with the most to lose from another catastrophic crude oil spill in Prince William Sound. The council’s 18 member organizations include representatives from communities, aquaculture, commercial fishing, environmental, Alaska Native, recreation, and tourism groups. They include communities and interest groups in a region stretching from the sound itself to Kodiak Island to lower Cook Inlet—all areas that were touched by oil from the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Anchorage office:
Toll free: 800.478.7221

Valdez office:
Toll free: 877.478.7221

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